How can I share a project gantt chart publicly -outside the organization

I swear I used to be able to share a view of my project’s gantt chart with a public link that didn’t require someone to be a team-member or even an Asana user.

I want to share a view of our timeline, with dependencies, to our client - but without adding them to our project teams or organization.

I tried using the copy-link feature, but the client says they are seeing a log-in screen, and they can’t get in. I literally upgraded for this feature, LOL.

Am I missing something? Is there a way to share a public view other than just sharing screen-shots?



It is supposed to work the way you’re expecting.

If you’re following Read-only Links • Asana Product Guide and it’s not working as indicated (and note the Admin setting affecting this at the end), then I’m afraid you’d want to get help from



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We very often see clients use Instagantt (@danielguajardok ) to access new features around Gantt charts.

Thanks for looping me in @Bastien_Siebman !

Hi @von1 ! At we offer full-featured Gantt Charts for Asana as a plug-in option. Just connect your Asana Projects and they will be automatically rendered as Gantt Charts.

And we also offer read-only public links that don’t require login :slight_smile:

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