How can I see projects, sort by all resources allocated to project and or by their state while still seeing all the resources?

I’ve created a project resource list of active/completed/cx etc. projects and used custom fields to identify resources. My current limitation is that you can only see up to 5 custom fields and I can’t see which resources are on how many projects. Assigning task (or project in my case) to a resource will is not an option as I need to see up to 6 resources. Is there another way of doing this so I would be able to sort and see how many projects is my resource on as well as which are open/closed/ex etc.?

Hi @Diana_Chronis,

Unfortunately there’s no option to see more than 5 custom fields per project at this time. Apologies for the inconvenience.

What you could do to remediate is a report using advanced search to pull all tasks that are using your 6 ‘resources’ custom fields.

The result would be a list of tasks across different projects that have those custom fields applied to them.

Hope you find this information useful!

Thank you @Barbara, this would work if all were in Asana. It’s more of a list of projects and resources tied. Right now I have projects listed out and using 6 (drop down) custom fields for resources. This can however cause an issue as I’d have to manually edit each custom drop down field if I’d need to edit name/resource.