How can I see Projects by "Status Custom field" with task and field completed in another project?

Hi all - Not sure if this is possible in Asana, ideas are welcome! Thanks!

I created a Project “RA” with a “X Status” custom field to capture: Completed, On track, Issues, Risks, and Not Started data. This “X Status” Custom field is part of the company library and the idea is to use it in all the Projects. This project RA has multiple task to be updated using the X status.

I’ve create a Portfolio with Project “A”, Project “B”, and Project “C”. I’ve created in Project “A”, a Task 1, with a dependency to Project “RA”. Why? Because project RA probably will be share with a different team.

My idea here was to capture the “X Status” data in an aggregated manner to have insights. For example:

  • Project A has 3 tasks not started, 2 completed, 4 at risk, etc.

But I can’t find the way to do it. And do the same for project “B” and “C”, to see project “RB” and “RC” X Status data for all their tasks.

What I’ve done that partially works:

  1. Create in the Reporting section, a report to count the # of Completed, Not started, etc. data using the “X Status” custom field. It is working but I couldn’t find a way to see the projects and the aggregated data by X status, like the example above.

The main issue I see, is that I’m not able to “import” or “collect” the dependency project data and link it to the parent project, to show it in a consolidated Report.

Questions: Is it possible? How can you can capture data from 2 different projects that have a task in common and see in a report or export this link between the 2 projects? Is it the Portfolio->Project->Dependency project with customer field the best way to achieve the goal or are available alternatives?

Hi @Rolo_Ober, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Calling on @ambforumleader and @pforumleader to offer some assistance here, if they can :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Rebecca_McGrath! Looking forward to know if it is possible or alternative solutions.


Hi @Rolo_Ober and welcome to the forums!

So if I understand what you are trying to accomplish correctly, one possibly solution would be to multi-home all of the tasks from the projects A, B, C, etc you want tracked into a single “Tracking” project and then create custom dashboards reporting on that Tracking project. You could also sort the tasks on this Tracking project into a section for each sub-project contained within it. This would capture an aggregate of all the tasks across all the projects into a single project which you can then create a dashboard for which I think is what you are looking for.

An additional workaround you could look into using could be the Status Reporting feature. This would allow you to create a customized Status Report for each project that would include charts and tables on Task status (upcoming, completed, overdue) as well as provide a quick look at the count for how many tasks on the project are Completed, Incomplete, Overdue and Total tasks. It would also allow you to designate an overall status of a project as On track, At risk, Off track, or On hold. Here is a link to the Asana Guide on Status Reports. I know this doesn’t allow for reporting on your custom field you created for Task Status but perhaps this might be a usable work around.

Hopefully one of these two options help but if not let us know why these didn’t work and I am sure one of the other @ambforumleader, @pforumleader, or myself can try to offer additional solutions.



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