How can I modify the custom fields on the Project Details popup?

I inherited a few projects that have Custom Fields on the Project Details popup:


Popup with Project Custom Fields:

These fields do not appear on tasks or in the Customize panel, but they are extremely useful in project-based dashboard reports.

I would like to change these fields and add similar ones to other projects, but for the life of me I can’t find where to do it.

How can I access these fields or add new ones?

Hi @Matthew_Lewis , you should be able to find these fields in the portfolio(s) that is/are mentioned under the Related Portfolios :wink: (which you have crossed out in your screenshot)

Apart from editing those fields within a portfolio, you can also edit these fields in the project’s Status Update, if you use tgis feature. Note, you may first need to enable them from the Show/hide toggle within the Status Update editor window.