How can I keep an eye on my workload / projects from a birds eye view?


I’m new to Asana and i’ve got a bunch of projects in there and tasks etc, but can’t figure this one thing out. I’m a freelancer and always have about 10 projects on the go at once, and I tend to overload myself with work so i’m looking for a way to keep an eye on my projects from a higher level view. I have previously had a board in trello to do this (a card for each project) but in Asana if I do this I get tasks come up in My Tasks for the ‘Project 1’ card, which I don’t really want (as I don’t want to tick off or schedule the task - I just want to be able to see that it’s there).

I am also using Asana solo so can’t justify the minimum cost for the paid version where I would get the Gantt view. And i’m aware there’s a bunch of threads asking for that.

I’d love to get your help!


Indeed the Timeline would be the way to go. Portfolio might also give you a bird’s eye. Did you check out ?


Welcome to Asana and the forum…

In the sidebar do you have the Home Tab? This should give you a list of all the projects that you have. So as long as you are active in Archiving or Deleting projects then that might work.

Or the other option would be a seperate project be that a list or board project. In that project you multi home a task from your active projects that is an overview of the project. You can then use the colours in the board to show the progress. Similar to what you used Trello for.

You can then just refer to that project to give an overview. Don’t assign any tasks to yourself or move the to the Later section to stop them clogging up your My Task view.