How can I generate a report that shows how many tasks were reopened

Hi everyone, been using Asana for a few years but just discovered this forum! Our team is focusing on improving quality of tasks completed and wanted to use a single measurement point, so we’ve opted for how many tasks get re-opened on a weekly basis. Usually, this means something in the task was not completed correctly. I’m trying to find a report or workaround to find out how many tasks are re-opened besides project managers tracking them manually every time they have to re-open a task. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Ruben :slight_smile:


Great question! It’s not simple because of some surprising behavior in the Advanced Search. If I complete a task today (July 1), then re-open it, and search for Incomplete tasks with a completion date including today:


…the task is not found, surprisingly, even though it does have a Completed date of today. I guess the filter for “Completed” will only find tasks that are Completed, regardless of whether you choose Incomplete or Any for the Completion setting.

All I can think of is to use Zapier, IFTTT, or Flowsana to add a “Completed” tag automatically whenever you mark a task complete. Then you could do a search for tasks with that tag where Completion is Incomplete. You could bulk update (fifty at a time) already-completed tasks to add the tag in case those might be reopened.

Hope that helps, or maybe someone else has a better idea?




Great solution idea, Larry!

This would be super simple to set up using a Flowsana rule:

I’m thinking that in order to get a count of just the previous week’s re-opened tasks, @Ruben_Aguirre would also have to remove all of the Completed tags each week immediately after running the search and getting the count. Otherwise, tasks that were tagged as Completed in prior weeks will still be tagged and will still be returned as part of the search results, right? But this untagging can also be done in bulk, and one would hope there wouldn’t be a large number of such tasks!