How can I export a current (list) project to boards?



Is it possible to export a project with all it’s tasks to a board - this is a current project?
We are also making use of custom fields to track progress such as “in progress” etc, just wondering if there is an easy way to incorporate current projects into boards


It would not be an export per se but here is how you can do this. 1. Create a new project and specify it as a Board. Add at least one column. Go to the project that you want to convert to a Board. Use Multi-select and add the new Board Project to the existing Project of each Task. It will then all show up in the new Board Project. You can then add the columns you want and organize the way you want. You can then decide whether you want to keep both projects. They don’t automatically synchronize but anytime you want something on the Board, just add the Board project as an additonal project. If you want to delete the old project, first multiselect all the tasks again and delete the old project leaving the tasks only in the new Board Project. You should then be able to delete or maybe more safely archive until you see everything worked as anticipated Hope this helps


I think @James_Carl’s idea sounds like a good one. Mult homing tasks in an existing list project and a new project may give you the flexibility you need. Let us know if you have any follow up questions.


I created a new project in the Boards format and when I open it on my computer it comes up that way. A coworker opened the project in a meeting today and it came up in the list format. How can that be happening?


Hi @Pete_Kellos - We don’t have a feature that switches boards to lists and vice versa. Most likely your coworker may have “converted” the board into a project via tethering (or adding each card to a list project, so each task effectively belongs to a board and a list). You’ll be able to tell if this happened by reading the Project ID. If the Project IDs do not match up, that means you’re looking at two separate projects.


555555555=Project ID
123123123=Task ID



You hit the nail on the head. I created a board project private to me with
the original list project using the same name. I like the board
presentation of tasks much better than the original list format. Thanks for
clearing this up.


Very happy to help! :slight_smile: