How can I exclude the internal projects team from a project?


I started using Asana when a client invited me to join her project. Now I’ve created a new project, unrelated to the client. I want to give a new person access to this project, but not the client. However, the only options that I can see are to make it private or to “Make public to Internal Projects team.” The internal projects team currently consists of the client that I had worked with and her team. How can I create a new project, make it public to the person that I want to make it public to, and make sure that the “internal projects team” doesn’t have access to it? Do I have to delete this account and create a new one every time that I want different people to have access to different projects?


Hi @carolina1,

I see 2 possible solutions:
1 - The premium version lets you set different privacy options, so this could work
2 - You can create another team and move the project there, with just the people you want to have access



How do I create another team?


Probably you can’t create a team in a client’s project. However, you can ask the client to create following these instructions:


Hi @carolina1! You could also create and add to your Asana account your own free Workspace: :slight_smile:


Thank you, that’s exactly what I needed!