How can I change the rights from a user


I created Asana for the company I am working for as a project, but now I cant change the rights for my boss, so he has the visibility of all the projects. I am in this case like the Manager of the platform, and we want him to be the one Managing the platform, not me.
Thank you in advance.


Hey Christina,

as far as I know if you not gave your boss an account with limited access (only available in the premium version) he is able to see all projects. He has the rights already but may just not see the projects now.

Just make sure he joined the right workspace or organization and is member of all the teams (marketing, operations etc.)

Check this article also


Hi Christina! The link above should provide you with helpful context. Yes, unless your boss is a limited access member, he should be able to view all projects that are not set as private. I recommend that you also ensure that your boss is a member of your team (or the appropriate team) in Asana.

Note that if you’d like to change the billing owner you’ll need to reach out to our support team at

Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help you!