How can I add time between multiple tasks instead of specific due dates in a template?



I want to create a template that has dependent tasks with a start date in the first task and all others’ due dates will just add days or weeks based on the first task’s due date.
For example, “Task 1” start on a 'given date". “Task 2” depends of “Task 1” and it is due after 5 days. “Task 3” depends on “Task 2” and it is due after 10 days from “Task 2”. And etc.
When I create a new project from the template, I want. set the due date for “Task 1” only and all others will be based on this due date.


Unfortunately Asana does not provide this functionality.

Fortunately :slight_smile: I’ve created an Asana integration, Flowsana, which does give you this exact capability. See this forum thread for more info. The functionality you want is the Flowsana “Dynamic Duration-Based Workflow”.