How can Export a Project List with the conversation email associate to it

I have used the api to get a Project list with

but i need and additional column with the associated email used for conversations. The idea with this it’s to easily add to my address book all the projects email i have created.


@Daniel_Maldonado, You can easily derive this according to: since you have a list of project IDs already, so just use the formula below:

You can manually identify your project’s email address by using the project’s unique ID:

  • Open any project
  • Your Project ID is the string of numbers in your project’s URL (it should look like )

To create a task in your project via email, send an email to . For example, if your projectID is 123 , you would email .

Hope that helps,


Thanks larry, I have the following issue with this, our projects, some of our projects have accents o letter Ñ that asana does not recognize and the email looks as yo can see in the screen shot

So we have a lot of projects right now, it would be nice if a have the list to see what projects i should fix the name to get the email formula right.

Unless I’m mistaken, the characters in the project name don’t come into play at all.

The API call you included returns an array of objects like this:

  "id": 9999999999999999,
  "gid": "9999999999999999",
  "name": "Project ABC",
  "resource_type": "project"

The email address for this project would be