How are Teams Counted


At the risk of asking a silly question, I’m trying to understand how you identify a “team” in Asana. Here’s what I mean.

Let’s stay my design firm has 5 people on our team— because it does. We work with 20 people across 7 different customers.

In Asana parlance, does that mean that our Asana team has 25 people, or are the teams counted only by internal users?


Asana has the following hierarchical structure available:

Task (Including Sections

The nice thing is that there are practices that the majority might follow, such as using a department as a Team but its not fixed in stone. Looking at the structure of your business, if you are really concentrated in 7 customers you may even decide to use each customer at the highest level of the hiarchy (Team). There are some power users that avoid sub-tasks because of some feature differences to tasks such as custom fields etc. So my recommendation in conclusion really gets to “workflow”, what is the highest level of workflow organization that you need and go from there. I know I did not give you a direct answer but intentionally so, that you might look at available levels and maximize to your work


@Marc_Stress No question is silly here. Every question is a good question. :slight_smile:

James adds good context about Asana’s structure. I think this helpful Guide article on teams will add clarity, as well

Teams are subsets of people in your Organization who collaborate on projects with each other. Each Team has its own Members and projects, Team Conversations, and Team Calendar.

At Asana, for example, we have a Customer Success team in the Asana app that includes all individuals on that team. We also have a Staff team in the Asana app that includes everyone on Staff (so all Asana employees). The team setup primarily has to do with the type of collaboration you’ll be doing, who will be working together, and who you want to share information with.

I’m curious to know the reason you’re looking for how to identify a team in Asana. Is there a team-related action you’re trying to take that we can help you with?