Hourly, weekly, daily - calendar views for projects please :-)

Oh yes, a daily and weekly view would be so great!!!


@Marie is anything like this on the roadmap?

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I don’t have any update on this topic at the moment @OSTMOST, but I’ll make sure to update this thread as soon as I do!


There is a way… I am using reddiapps to two way sync my asana tasks with my Outlook Calendar. This allows you to move your tasks around in your day and asana will be updated. An added bonus is that you can then use all of the options that are available to you in Outlook to display your asana tasks (which appear on their own calendar on Outlook but can be toggled on and off to be overlayed with your main calendar). This means you can fine tune the calendar to show not just day / week / month but zoom in with 10 minute increments, show as a list, select an irregular pattern of days… lots of flexibility. I am not affiliated with reddiapp but finding it to be a reliable sync solution with added benefits. @Maggie_Reddi

I am sure the same could be achieved with google calendar.

Another killer benefit - it shows tasks from all your workspaces! Awesome.


yes for sure this is a workaround, but I do now want to switch between two apps that is cluttering my workflow. I want to do that in ASANA. I did not understand why after all the years of developing that really good software there is no further development at the calendar view. This are basic taskmanagement features.

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I’ve already given up on Asana because of the lack of this feature. I am looking for something that lets me choose the view that is most useful to me - daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. Hopefully I’ll find something.

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Yes, a weekly / daily / hourly calendar view would make the world of difference. When I add tasks, I’m just guessing and hoping for the best when the day comes up that I can get it all done. It’s likely we’ll be moving on to another project management app if this isn’t resolved in the short term as it’s not a viable long term solution for us.

A weekly view seems like a no-brainer. Not sure why this isn’t implemented but it definitely prevents me from being able to plan my tasks with any sort of (useable) visual interface. Pretty please?


It seems like this has been an ongoing request for a long time now. I really wish this at least had a weekly view, I have so many tasks each day, it would be so much easier if I could see them all at a glance. Please make this happen for us!


Could we have daily & weekly view on list view too ? Filter by specific day - Flick through dates with scroll arrows

+1 for weekly and daily views! Pretty please?

I have proposition to add weekly and daily views to Asana calender. It’s difficult to manage tasks in monthly view when you have a lot of small tasks per day! It’s possible to export tasks to Outlook and Google calender but it will be good to use Asana for this.
Screenshots of daily and weekly views are in attachments


In calendar view, I would also like to see daily and weekly views

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Glenneth! We already have a thread about this topic. I’ve gone ahead and merged your request with Weekly, daily - calendar views please slight_smile to consolidate votes.

Yes, I guess I am a little bit late to the party, but weekviews would be a huge benefit to have…

How does a digital calendar in the second decade of the 21st century not have a week view?

Embarrassing how many basic features are missing from this product.


This request is 3 years old so I’m sensing it’s not burning up the roadmap for Asana. Since they are public now, I’d suggest they absorb hourstack.io and integrate that functionality into the product.

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And now we’re in the THIRD decade.


This seems like such a fundamental request. Why doesn’t Asana ever listen to its customers? There are so many of these fundamental feature requests in the forum that get ignored (I have several). It’s so very frustrating that popular features that have been requested are still ignored after years. And now Asana seems to be removing features (eg Today, upcoming, Later). Asana, what actually is your method for deciding what gets done, because it certainly doesn’t seem to be from listening to your forum customers. :unamused:


Definitely would be great to have this @Marie - along the same topic (ultimately solving the same issue) - this idea was marked closed but hasn’t been fully delivered (it was delivered for Timeline, but not Calendar).