🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds

Actually I was hoping to see the results of your analysis and discretion in choosing the best of the bunch. :laughing:

But, I will see if I can get to that later today.

When I shift a deadline for a parent task, I then need to adjust the subtasks accordingly.

It would save me a ton of time if when a Parent Task due date is changed, that all Subtasks are adjusted accordingly. Thank you!

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@MostLikley I don’t really have a workaround for you!

@MostLikley - FYI the “Treat subtasks as dependents” option of our Flowsana integration’s Auto-Adjust Workflow will do this.

This is awesome! Thanks!

For :hammer: F4. Template tasks should not show up in My Tasks, what about setting due dates in the template in 2050 so you only have to put them to Later once?

The risk is to lose track of the fact that this task does not actually have a due date…

When an employee leaves company and you need to reassign their license, 1) create a way to keep them as ‘assignee’ on tasks that they completed w/o requiring you to keep using a license for a former employee. And if this is not possible, 2) create a way to still be able to report out on their work (tasks assigned to them) that was either not started, in progress or completed at the time they left after you reassign their license so that you have an accurate historical record.


Feature request I would LOOOVE a workaround for:

The ability to run the Due Date is Approaching and Task is Overdue Triggers on existing tasks! 95% of our tasks are based on templates so the rule does nothing for us.

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I don’t understand the relation between templates and rules not running, can you elaborate?

Would love to know how to do W2.1: promote subtasks into tasks

@Lauren_Kraig if you open a subtask. and go to the 3-dot menu, there is an option to choose a project. That’s where you can choose the main project.
It could also be done with automation, for example in my Asana account in our content factory, we automatically multi-home all subtasks into the main project using a script I created.

Thank you @Bastien_Siebman!

Hello Laura, were you still looking for help on this?


Yes, I would love to learn any tips or tricks you have to help with this scenario.

You can create a guest account representing them, and reassign everything to the bot. But that would be pretty manual.

Hello Laura, yes Bastien is thinking the same thing as me.

You can make use of Gmail aliases on a single account, for example:

Another way: Create a single Asana user to inherit past employee tasks. Create a project called “Retired/past employee” and use the sections to break down employee names.

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One last thing, with the project approach, you’d add tasks to the additional project, you wouldn’t move them over to it.

Thanks Paul! These are two good alternatives but I don’t have extra licenses. I am a small team paying for each of my team’s licenses so was trying to find a solution that doesn’t require me to purchase an additional license for this.

Hello Laura, my suggestion doesn’t require more paid seats. You can have these extra “dummy” users as guests and not full members. It does require your Asana to be set up as an “Organization” however. To convert from a “Workspace” over to an “Organization”, see this post: Organization vs. Workspace - #3 by Carmen_Smith1

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