Horses daily training



I have to create a horses training tasks (on a daily base). Now I have a spreadsheet, but I’m searching something more modern. Maybe Asana is the solution. Can you please take a look at the sheet at this link?


Hi @Matteo. Welcome to Asana. Yes, Asana would be a great replacement for your spreadsheet. I believe the best way to set things up would be to have a “Training” project where each task/line represents a horse. You can then use a custom field (premium) for the “Work” column as a drop-down menu. You would use subtasks for the daily training activities.

Hopefully this is enough to get you started.

Please let me know if you have any more questions. If you’re interested in improving your use of Asana further or want to discuss team training, please feel free to book a free 30-minute introductory call with me to discuss consulting options.