Holy custom_fields nightmare

we added one extra enum option to our custom_field and it seems to have changed all the gids of both the custom_field and the

our api that had been working forever is now breaking and proving somewhat painful to fix … why would you do this to me :frowning: (its ok i still mostly like you guys…) but in the future it would be good to not have this happen … (I assume its because when i edited the custom_field it really creates a whole new one and archives the old one … on that note can we restore the old one (the extra enum field really isn’t worth this pain)

Wow, I’ve never seen this happen that I’ve noticed in several years now of using the API.

@Joe_Trollo @Ross_Grambo does this sound like something that you would expect to see happen?

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Hi @Joran_Beasley—I’ll need some more information to determine what happened here. Is this a custom field that you created manually, or a custom field that was included on a project when you created it from an Asana-provided template?

If you clone a template from the template library, the custom fields cannot be edited. In order to edit them, you’ll be prompted to copy the custom field, like so:

GIDs are unique in Asana, and so this copying process will create an entirely new field with new GIDs for the field and its enum options. Does this describe your situation?

upon further investigation I think its that GID need to be a string now , and previously we were sending ints … im sure we got some warning about this change somewhere :stuck_out_tongue: (sorry for the bother)

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(thanks so much for the prompt response (it may be some combination of the require string and the edit custom_field thing, I need to touch base with the team tomorrow and i will follow up