Holiday/Leave/Block off time - either as PTO, Holiday, or all day task

Unfortunately, you can assign someone a task with a due date during their OOO.



Yes indeed, just wanted to make sure you saw the feature. Actually I like the fact you can still assign task to someone, because if you can’t but still need to prepare things for when they come back, you would have to tag the data somehow and assign them when the person is back…

A way to block off time so that other items can not be scheduled. For instance if I have a project that is going to take 5 days to complete, I can block off my calendar so that other tasks cannot be assigned. Or if I need time off, holidays, or other reasons that I can not available - for day or week or any amount of time - I can block it off to prevent being assigned tasks.

It depends on how people assign you tasks. If they just use the New/Task button, I don’t know of any easy way to see your availability. However, if you train assigners to only assign Tasks to you from your Calendar View, and to only assign tasks on days when you have nothing else assigned, then you could simply create a week-long task (with a Start and Stop date) and entitle it “Brittany booked up, working on Important Task”.

In general, Asana is not a great solution for resource & load balancing as the data is not granular enough. For instance, I can’t natively include expected hours for a task, or look to see how many hours anyone is booked per day or per week.

I think this kind of feature will come later, have a look at their vision video for a sneak peek

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Hi all,

We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged this post with the existing one to gather all feedback and votes in one place :slight_smile:

Are there any 3rd party utilities that would allow you to account for holidays, time off weekends so this time is not calculated on project estimates or tasks?

I am trying to find a way to create “blackout dates” when our office is closed, or when team members are off so that tasks can’t be assigned to them during their time out of the office. Has anyone found a way to do this?

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Hi, @Catharine_McElwee-Ro, welcome to the Forum! This feature is not currently available in Asana, but I can certainly see how useful it would be. We already have a thread on this topic in our Product Feedback Section. I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this existing thread so that you and other users can vote for this feature request :slight_smile:


I have tasks ending on days off either from others or because I didn’t remember. Selecting days you can’t assign tasks to would be great.


Create Black out Days for holidays/out of office to prevent scheduling tasks on days in which people will be out. Currently, I made holidays as a project and added each holiday the office is closed as a task.

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I would love to see a way to call attention to the calendar holiday when assigning due dates to a team member.

Is there also way for organizations to customize an “account calendar” to call attention to company holidays?

Not that I am aware of. But maybe you can create tasks yourself for each date once a year and people will see it in the calendar? Would that be useful to have such a template on so you can download a ready-to-go version?

The problem that we’re having is people assigning tasks on a holiday when in reality that task should be completed before the holiday. Had the assignor realized the due date originally selected was a holiday then we could avoid the issue. Would Templana solve that?

No it would not, only a custom dev with the API would, or a native feature obviously! If you are willing to pay for it, we can discuss :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Jessica!

Received the same request today from our organisation.
It would be great to see your national red days in a different color or similar, when you plan projects.


@Phil_Seeman would that be possible with flowsana to have a rule like « if date is XYZ then add a red tag » or something like this?

I addressed part of this in Sendana Date with an option switch Include Weekends but in the end because the international market has different holidays I decided it would be to complex. I think if holidays are to be addressed weekends should be also.

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Flowsana does support skipping weekends but not yet holidays. Support for taking holidays into account is on the product roadmap.

I hadn’t thought about incorporating that into a rule but I suppose once Flowsana has knowledge of a user’s holidays, I could have a rule condition “If this task falls on a holiday”. Good idea, Bastien!

You could take as input an array of dates and let users deal with the holiday list.