History of changes - gone - pleas get it back


It was in Asana before but now it’s gone. Plese get it back…
There were complete information about who and what done with task, assigned to project, moved or changed description or something else.
Like here https://www.dropbox.com/s/pip6ntt1tfyafyc/asana_change_history.JPG?dl=0


Are they gone for everything? This is called ‘activity’ or ‘stories’ by Asana and they can be removed by the person who made them - but if it’s for every task, and includes activity you’ve done, then yeah it’s probably gone.

Perhaps you’re in some kind of testing group beta for it, @Alexis can maybe provide some information?

Hopefully it’s just a bug or will come back soon for you =)


I still have the “Show Original” feature for changes to Task names.


Hi @Matt_Grayson - Unless someone clicked the “x” next to the history changes on specific tasks, it sounds like this could be a bug. Would you check a variety of tasks to confirm that the history is gone for most or all? From there we can see if this is a bug and file it accordingly. :slight_smile: