Highlights Charts on Updates Page

When creating a Status Update for a project, there is a ‘Highlights’ section on the right hand side where you can add charts to your update. These seem to be limited in number, and also seem to be un-editable.

How do I edit, or add a new chart to include in my status update?

For example, there is a bar chart for ‘Completed tasks’. This however shows the amount of completed tasks for the entire duration of the project. How do I amend this for example, to show only the completed tasks in that week/month?

You can’t create your own charts, you can only customize the existing ones with the little drop down menus they have.

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Hi @Petros_Georgiou, thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback! You can upvote for this feature here: Add a filter to the ‘’ Insights ’’ chart (Progress tab).

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