Higher Education Marketing templates

I’ve been looking through marketing templates and can’t quite find what I’m looking for. Our team is in higher education so marketing is more about institutional initiatives. For example we ran an initiative for the 2020 Census on campus. Our department is broken up into several individual teams (all of which use asana differently). So I need a way to organize a project where it can be by asset (press release, pitch decks, promo material etc) but also make sense to other teams like design, photo/video, content, and PR.

Does anyone work in a similar set up? How have you organized your institutional initiatives in Asana?

Hi Scarlett! I would suggest using sections/custom fields (if you are on Premium) to represent the type of asset the initiative is about and then use another custome field to show which team is responsible for each initiative. You can also multihome the tasks to different projects the teams are working in so that each team could see their own workload but also to keep track of all the initiatives in your organization. If several teams are responsible for different steps in each initiative, you can divide it into subtasks.

Here is what the overview would look like:

This is how you can multihome the tasks (just click on the task, then Tab+P and choose another team’s project) to another project so that each team can monitor and keep track of their own tasks. For exaple, here we are multihoming the task to the design pipeline:

Then the designers can see their own work in their separate project:

At the same time the task also belongs to our initial marketing overview project.

The same can be done with subtasks.

Hope this make sense and please let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:


This is very helpful @Jenni_Swedbyte! thank you so much for sharing! :clap:

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