High Level view for execs of projects better in for pay version?

Ownership would like more visibility into what projects/tasks get completed. We’re using the free version and they feel like there is to much detail in the user interface and not enough of a high level view to see what projects are being worked on, and how our progress is coming along. They agree the people that use Asana are the most organized in the company and would like us to investigate the paid version to see if it gives them the high level view they want. What are your experiences with the for pay version specifically in regards to high level views for exec that don’t want to get into the project details? Any cool features in particular we should be aware of as we demo the for pay version to see if it’s worth purchasing?


I believe Portfolio is what you are looking for. Did you have a look at that feature from the Business plan?

@Bastien_Siebman Thanks so much. A few departments are unofficially using the free version of Asana and ownership has noticed those departments are significantly more on top of things so are considering making Asana an official tool all departments must use for work organization…

I’ve identified some of the concerns with Asana and have been asking about possible solutions, but I don’t have the for pay version yet to check out these features. Any advice on evaluating the for pay version(what we should or shouldn’t do)? Sure it’s as simple as clicking upgrade, but more from a best practices planning perspective…

I’ll reach out privately Eddie