Hierachy of assignee


I am after best practice solution for when I create a Project and assignee it to myself, then add a task and assignee it to myself and then create sub tasks and assign them to myself - I then have 3 levels of tasks in My Tasks and usually they are duplicated due to the title i use for the tasks.
What is the best practice to avoid this.


Hi @Katrina_Aarsman. If your project, task and sub tasks all have the same or similar names then I would suggest the problem is that you have not structured and broken down your project into a workable size.
Have a read of this.

Also review the help guide on some more ideas on breaking projects into components.

From my viewpoint…
Your project should be your high level goal/activity that needs to be achieved and may take from a few weeks to months to complete. Eg Deliver Solution X to Business y

You would then under that have a logical break down of sections or key components of achieving that… For example Design, Build, Test, Deploy…

You would then have specific tasks that need to be achieved to complete those components/sections… For example Design of the user login screen… Building of the backend Database…
Each one of these tasks are discreet activities that need to done and can be assigned to a person and can be given a value for prioritisation purposes.

Now under those Tasks you can have Sub-task that are also discreet but are linked directly to the parent task. For example review of the User Logon Design… Cost estimate for Database licencing…

Yes these all could be assigned to the same person, but would appear differently in their My Task view due to the names being all different.

Hope this helps.



Good input @Jason_Woods.

@Katrina_Aarsman, if you give a specific example of this in your world then I might have some further thoughts based on things we’ve encountered. Like what is one of the Projects you’re creating, and then the Task, and then some of the sub-tasks?


I am working on a post explaining my new strategy called “Tip of the iceberg”. When you have a project, only assign the first task to yourself. No need to clutter your My Tasks view with all the other tasks. Any project always have a task you need to do first. Assign this one to you, do it, and then assign the second one to yourself…


Look forward to reading that @Bastien_Siebman


This will be pretty much the same text with fancy sentences before and after :sweat_smile: