Hiding task details with Escape button


When I am inside a project, and when I am previewing a specific task detail on the web, I can always hit the “escape” button to hide the details box and see the full list of tasks expanded again. This works great.

However, when I am under “My Tasks”, hitting the “escape” button does nothing and I have to move my cursor to the “X” mark to close the task detail. Is there any reason why it’s created this way or this is a bug? I would really love to quickly dismiss task details under “My Tasks” quickly like it is under “My Projects”.

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Hi @Wassim_Taher, this is a great use of shortcuts and the Esc button should work to close task details in My Tasks as well. I was able to test it out this morning, and it was working fine. Can you try again or try on a different browser?


Hi Kaitie,

Thanks for your response. I just tried again and it didn’t work. Escape button dismisses the task details pane only when I am previewing from the projects’ list, but not from “My Tasks” list. I am using Google Chrome primarily. I wouldn’t change a browser to fix a feature, nevertheless I just tried on Firefox and it didn’t work as well.

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Same issue here. Any update on this?


I’m able to click escape and it works just fine. We’d be happy to file a bug report if this is indeed one. To confirm, when you enter this task view (in image) and you click “esc” nothing happens, correct?


I am also having a similar problem. For me the ESC keyboard shortcut only works in a direct Project view. If I am in “My Tasks”, a saved search, or a tag list view it does not work to close the task view on the right. I’m on Chrome if that matters, but tested it on Safari with the same results.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll take this to the product team.


I can confirm the same misbehavior on Chrome for Mac, Safari for Mac, and Firefox for Mac.


I can confirm that this is still an issue. I’m surprised there’s been no votes on this yet. @Alexis, have you had any feedback from the product team on this seeing that it was raised more than a year ago?
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