Hiding recurring tasks so they cannot be accessed or edited at a later stage

I’m setting up daily tasks for remote staff members working at retail stores. Every day, there are 10 things they have to do, so I have created a recurring task with 10 sub-tasks on that card. This is my set up:

  1. There is a project board for each individual staff member.
  2. There is a recurring task with 10 sub-tasks on that card. (This task recurs daily)
  3. Using rules, I move the task card to a different board when it is completed.

This way, the staff member only sees the active task card for that day, and if they get behind, there will be 2, then 3 and so on.

By moving the completed card to an private board that only head office has access to, head office can easily see if cards are being completed or not without having to browse through 50 boards (50 columns is easy - one short/empty column and we have found our problem employee). Another requirement acheived is that the staff can’t go back and edit/modify their completed tasks.

Howerver… I can’t get it to work. The task cards are not recurring and I suspect it’s because the card is no longer in the project board it started out in. I’ve seen many tutorials on “How to make tasks recur” and “How to use rules to move tasks”, but none of them show how to get both to work at the same time.

Is there something different I need to do? Alternatives I can think of are:

  1. I use rules to make a new card the moment it’s completed instead of using the recurring feature.
  2. I create a recurring template on the staff member’s board to act as a source for making the task
  3. I automatically hide the completed tasks from the staff member or remove their access rights from it.

I have managed to get this process to work in Trello, but it’s enormously complicated, so to do it for 50 staff members is a nighmare I don’t want to even begin to contemplate. Asana is much easier to set up the equivalent process so I really want to use Asana for this process.

Please help.

Here are screenshots of the settings I have used for recurring tasks:

Here are the settings I have used for the rule to move the completed task to another project board:

I believe the “recurrence” will kick in after the rules, so if you move a completed task with a rule it would recur there, that’s what you experience correct?

Maybe my tool “Recurring tasks” can help?

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