Hide Upgrade button in Top Bar


When Asana launched Portfolios they added a big upgrade button into the Top Bar. The colours used in the button are a bit different from the rest of the colours, therefore is quite eye-catching and distracting. I can understand that people from Asana want me to upgrade, but the thing is I’m not the account owner, so I can’t upgrade anyway, so it is useless. It is also the 2nd largest button in that bar but is not the 2nd most commonly clicked button.

So I request that it is gone.


@Matt_Elen, I agree. It is now one of the most prominent things on my screen.


I totally agree! I can understand that you show this kind of buttons to free users. But not to paid users who have a Premium Account.


I agree. A temporary solution I used was to delete it from the code using the browser’s dev tools (right-click on the button, click inspect, then delete the div tag with the class name TopbarContingentUpgradeLink).


Agreed, it’s so distracting!


I remember audibly laughing while watching the video posted a while back explaining Asana’s vision for mindful task management.

I get many of these other features exist because you’re trying to add features people want, but nobody in their right mind ever asked for an advertisement in their paid product.

Also, why show it to everyone in a whole organisation?

Asana continues to get less mindful as time goes on to the point where these feature additions are starting to get in the way of the tasks.

On a very similar topic, the new feature banners and pop-overs are also unwelcome noise. Having to add rules to adblock for a paid-for product isn’t acceptable.


It would be nice if we could somehow dismiss the Upgrade button and also the Portfolios menu on the sidebar. We are a Premium Customer already so it would be nice if we could somehow remove those features. Maybe they will do that after the marketing activity has run its course.


YES absolutely. ‘Portfolios’ should not be part of the main navigation if it’s useless to us. This isn’t a freemium product for crying out loud we already pay 6k/year as an organisation. We shouldn’t have all our users nagged for upgrades.


YES absolutely, hide Upgrade button and Portfolios menu.


Couldn’t agree more. It’s tacky and distracting for paid members. Okay for free users, but for those of us who have already invested, it’s distracting.


Totally agree. As a premium member I would like to be able to actively decline the upgrade, at which point the Portfolio and Upgrade buttons could be hidden.


I agree with all of you. The oversized, multi-color button is a huge distraction and something that paid users should not be forced to have cluttering our workspaces. (and portfolios on the main menu, with no way to hide it? Come on Asana… you can do better than this.)


It’s not acceptable all users (including those in the premium plan) have to see your ads. It’s even worse, the upgrade banner is an attention grabber like no other.

Asana, in case you don’t remember, here’s your CEO talking about mindful work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRl7d_WM4Bc

Please remove the upgrade banner.


The upgrade button is obnoxious. We are a company that spends 5 figures each year for this product, not users on some free tier. Plus, given that 95% of the organisation are not decision makers for any type of upgrade, why does it need to distract from their workflow? Shameless move.


Totally agree please remove UPGRADE button


As Mike_McCormick mentioned, Adblock will block the “Upgrade” button effectively.


ASANA, are you seeing this? Paid users using ADBLOCK in your Premium plan! Don’t you think that this is something outstanding in a bad sense?


I’m really disappointed in Asana.

It seems to have left the days of a charming, caring startup, and becoming the typical, silent corporate company.

I find the way they announce and try to upsell “Upgrade” intrusive and distasteful. Several of my friends have moved to ClickUp, and I’m considering the same. I’m not sure I like what Asana stands for, anymore. :frowning:


Although this solution might work, there is something fundamentally wrong with it. As @Maxim_Kozachenko points out: we are paying for premium with 50+ users and in order to use this tool without any annoyance or distracting Upgrade-buttons, we have to use Adblock? Asana cant be serious about this, but since they announced the changes last week, they have gone silent except for a few generic forum posts by the moderators here.


Thank you!! I couldn’t find that when I went looking for it.