Hide team name without deleting



I have finished working with a particular team and all the projects are complete. I don’t want to delete the team as this deletes the projects (I may yet want to refer back to them if there are any issues) Any suggestions for hiding these teams so they aren’t cluttering up the left hand panel?


Hi Ruth

There isn’t a way of hiding the teams, other than collapsing them. You’d have to remove yourself as a member in order for them to go into the ‘Browse More teams’ section. However, since the teams are listed in alphabetical order, you could put a * at the beginning of the most active teams’ titles, so they always appears at the top of the list.

Sorry, it’s not exactly what you’re after, but it might make it slightly better ordered.


thanks for the suggestion Mark - I already have them in order of priority. It’s not a big deal, I just wanted to clear the left panel up a bit - it gets a bit cluttered! I am the only member left in the team so I don’t think I can remove myself anyway :frowning: though that would have been a solution.


@Ruth_Newnham @Mark_Hudson You can also drag and drop to reorder these and I believe if you have several some of the bottom ones start to hide in the “browse more teams” area so hopefully that might automatically clear up the clutter for you? I find if I expand out the important teams, then the ones I’m no longer using at the moment slide down far enough they don’t feel like clutter.

Hope that helps


I really agree about the clutteredness. I don’t need to see the little avatars for every team. Or Team Conversations (that’s what Slack is for) or Team Calendar (that’s what our calendar is for). Or, well, a whole lot.

That’s why I made this: https://userstyles.org/styles/143591/asana-simplified-and-with-more-hierarchy

Here’s what my Asana looks like right now: http://cozy.es/ErdfL2

(I also used Epichrome to turn Asana into an app, but that’s gravy.)


@lee thanks for sharing!:grin: I have added the extension and am going to give it a go. The only downside I can see is that ‘Favourites’ has disappeared which means I can’t get at my saved searches :frowning: So, I’ll have to see how it feels


Huh… your favorites should still be visible (like my “CRM board” in the screenshot I posted above).

Just not the “Favorites” header. Cuz I don’t need to be told my favorites are favorites, it’s inherent in them being at the top (and with a star, no less).


For me, i personally keep the left panel collapsed most of the time. I find the search box the best way to find teams, projects or anything else. I do find that searching conversations is really, really not good. For example, if you had something in your Inbox, then archived it, but want to find it weeks later, it’s is nearly impossible to do this in the search (even with advanced search). But that’s a side note. I just keep the tool bar hidden (x’d out) and when i want to find a team, i search and it pops right up without having to scroll down to find the team, then the project.


@lee definitely not there - could it be because of the browser or the operating system? Am I right in thinking you are using a Mac? I am not techie enough to know :frowning:

Update - always a good idea to turn it off then on again! Not quite sure why but deactivating the style didn’t do anything however turning stylish off and then back on again made my favourites appear - so this is now absolutely super - thank you :heart_eyes:


You can also style Asana using Stylish (I use it on Firefox) and hide things and make them look nicer, using CSS. https://www.portsidemarketing.com/asana-hiding-and-styling-asana-elements/


Yup, that’s what’s behind my comment above.

Looks like we had some similar goals. :slight_smile: