Hide Team Conversations & Team Calendar from the Sidebar

Please include the option to hide the Team Conversations & Team Calendar menus from the sidebar. We don’t use them, and they can easily be accessed from the top menu on each Project pane anyway.

For us right now, they just make the sidebar unnecessary long to scroll through.


Did anyone solve this? I have the same problem!


I agree. I raised this issue here: Left Pane New Ideas, Uses, and Compliments - #7 by Peter_Skjoldager



I couldn’t agree more. I’m on five teams each with five projects and these just take up huge real estate as I like to keep all my projects open to quickly scroll through. This issue drives me crazy on a daily basis.


Our team would like to see this as an optional view. Glad we are not the only ones! Thanks Asana for listening. We know you work hard every day to make an awesome app and we appreciate it!


unnecessary and just make the menu cluttered.

I have to scroll for ages everytime. Please let us hide it.


Any updates to this? I really would like to hide both of these.


You can use an add-on in Firefox that will allow you to create CSS. My friend showed me how to do it and it is pretty nice. Hides what I don’t want and makes it easier to read/use in my opinion.

You can see how my Asana looks here: Asana - Hiding and Styling Asana Elements - Website Design Flower Mound Logo Designer Dallas Web Design

YES PLEASE! I hate this and makes the sidebar way too long

Absolutely agree with this. It just makes the sidebar messy. I just want to be able to see projects listed under my teams.

The option to display them or not would be great!

It is the end of 2019 and I do not have access to my conversations anywhere on the left side bar and would love to have that access. lol #backwards :slight_smile: