Hide section names when sorting by other fields

In list view, when sorting by field the list view can become very ‘cluttered’. The option to hide section names when sorting by other fields would be very handy.

This is a great feedback @Tim_Jasper! Thank you for submitting it in the Forum.
Hopefully we can consider it for future updates! :slight_smile:

@Tim_Jasper, While it doesn’t address your request directly, my suggestion below may offer you a workaround until/if the feature becomes available in Asana:


Thanks @lpb. I currently do this for some projects. Of course the downside is that you don’t get board columns. This is why I think Asana should have linked sections/columns names to custom fields. This would have solved multiple issues. eg field data could be used across multiple projects. Projects could be viewed from multiple perspectives (ie by whatever custom field you choose). One lives in hope! First world problems :wink:

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Agreed! I had voted for one of those, but just now voted for the other as well.

Thanks @Tim_Jasper,