Help with undeliverable emails flooding task


Hello, one of our team members forwarded or cc’d an email to a task, and that email is undeliverable and now the task is flooded with gmail error messages - see image. What can we do? Thanks - Mark


Hi, @Mark_Rosenberg. I would copy the whole project, then delete the original - I’m just guessing, but I assume the new version would have a different email reference, so that would stop the problem.

Hope that works.


Hello @Mark_Rosenberg, is there any one in the project using the email in his/her account? From my understanding, Asana is trying to send a notification to that email. However it’s disabled, so the mail server is responding with the delivery status.


Could it be that someone else is automatically forwarding these delivery status notifications to your project?

OR perhaps it will be easier to directly contact Asana support. :slight_smile: