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When adding a chart in the Dashboard, I saw the Task Status field that shows the following categories - Upcoming, Overdue, Unscheduled, and Completed. Is there a documentation that shows how Asana defines these categories? What are the criteria used to allocate my tasks into these categories.
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Great question!

Upcoming: Task with a due date in the future
Overdue: Tasks with a due date from the past
Unscheduled: Tasks without a due date
Completed: Tasks marked complete

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Rebecca,
Thanks for the explanation. I set a few tasks with a due date in the past but I wasn’t able to get the task count to show up under Overdue (in chart).
Are there anything else that need to be done to show overdue task count?

Hi @Henry_Hartono, thanks for getting back to me!

Overdue tasks will be included in the “Incomplete” section of a chart - there will not be a standalone section within a chart for overdue tasks.

However, the number of overdue tasks within the project will be shown at the top of the Dashboards view.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for your help. It gives me a better understanding and help set the right expectation when setting up the charts.

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