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Not sure how to fix this? it might just be me being a dummy.
When I move a task from a section marked with the 1 initial interview (using the custom drop-down field labeled 2) to the 3/4 spot, the Section text (labeled 1 aka Initial Interview) gets carried to the next section. If you try to change it, it changes the sections for all. That 3 should reflect PrForma / Pricing Review and not have the Initial Interview text.

Any help appreciated. Thanks

Here is the pic

Hi @William_Henderson,

This is a little confusing to describe but I’ll do my best!

The first two boldfaced lines of your screenshot that both say “Initial Interview”:

  • The first one is actually the value of the custom field in the 2/4 column appearing as a heading because your Sort menu is set to set to sort (actually “group”) by this 2/4 custom field (I can’t see the name of that field from your screenshot so I’ll call it the 2/4 custom field)
  • The second one is a true Section

Temporarily change the sort (top right toolbar) to None. The boldfaced titles you see are the true Sections.

I doubt you really want those two types of "Initial Interview"s.

If you’re grouping by the 2/4 custom field, and that’s all you want, then move all tasks, completed and incomplete both, outside of the Iniital Interview Section (and any others) and then, when the section(s) are empty, delete them (carefully; if not empty, you may cause deletion of tasks if you don’t heed the warning dialog).

Hope that helps,


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thank you Larry, that is the solution. I also went in and built rules so that the status when changed, also changes the section for each. Thank you!

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