Help with connecting Power BI to Asana


I’m a freelance Power BI consultant based in the UK. I have a client who wants me to build some bespoke reports in Power BI. I’m keen to use the Asana API to provide a connection with Asana and provide a scheduled refresh. I don’t have the experience to establish the API connection, so I’m looking for assistance from someone who does. Please contact me if you feel you can help.



Hi @Martyn_Hale,

There’s an existing Power BI integration; have you tried that?


Thanks @Phil_Seeman. @Martyn_Hale I believe the organization will need an enterprise level to pull in the data to Power BI. I just tried on my end and it failed to import the data, but we are just on a team level.



Hi Phil, As far as I’m aware there’s a Power BI Connector, but this only provide access to a couple of fixed reports - I’m looking to connect with the Asana tables if possible.



Hi Kate, when you say enterprise, what do you mean?



@Martyn_Hale there is a team level and an organization level for Asana. I believe they need to be on an organizational level and using specific features, like project updates. We are on a team level and do not use the project update feature since we don’t have access to portfolios. I believe that’s why it won’t pull data into the Power BI content pack for us because it’s lacking data where it’s trying to pull from.




How about Bridge24, have you explored that option?

(I’m not necessarily trying to discourage you from having something built, and I might be in a position to help you with it, but I wanted to make sure you explored the existing options first.)


Did not know about this option @Phil_Seeman, thanks. @Martyn_Hale sorry I could not be more helpful by email :sweat_smile:


@Phil_Seeman is this feature no longer available? The link you posted is broken.


Huh, that’s interesting - I wasn’t aware the Asana had pulled the Power BI connector but it does appear to be gone. @Marie or @Edda, any info on this?

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Hey @Phil_Seeman and @Daniel23, thanks for reaching out!

I am afraid that the Power BI + Asana integration seems to no longer be available, I don’t have any more details on this either.

I have gotten in touch with our Integrations Team to see if they can provide me with additional information that I could then share with you, I will comment on this thread once I hear back.


Hey everyone, happy Saturday :wave:

I have heard back from our Integrations Team:

“The integration was built and managed by Microsoft. Microsoft has since made some changes to their platform which means that the Asana connector is no longer being actively supported and it may no longer work for some users - that is why we have removed it from our directory.”

I hope this helps, sorry for not being able to assist further with this :frowning_face: