Help with adding template for a brief into a task

We currently have a project that is working (mostly) well, where we receive, approve and action requests.

We use the board view to move the request through all the relevant stages.

In summary, the stages are:

  1. The request is received via an Asana form that captures basic details
  2. The request is assessed and, if approved, assigned to a ‘task owner’.
  3. This task owner then works with the requestor to write a more detailed brief. This brief is written using a Word template, and a link to it is placed in the task description.
  4. This brief is then approved.
  5. The task is moved to ‘in development’.
  6. When ready, the task is moved to the ‘quality check’ column ready to be checked and approved
  7. Next, it is moved to an ‘end user check’ column, where these checks are performed and approved.

The part I would like to improve is set 3. Could anyone possibly suggest a way to put the brief and its info in the relevant task directly?

I am currently playing around with a task template that uses headings as prompts, but it seems like it could be clearer. I have included a screenshot below for you to look over.

Should I try the task template or stick to the Word template, or is there another option I still need to consider?

Screen Shot Task Template Brief


What’s wrong with the description and the headers? Seems quite clear to me. Maybe a few emojis would make it more colourful and fun to use :person_shrugging: