Help! Turning tasks into subtasks


I am trying to drag a task from my list of tasks, into another one of my tasks - so the first task becomes a sub task.

Other people in my company are able to hover over the task, and 3 dots appear on the left hand side, they can then drag it across to a different task, and converts it to a subtask.

I do not seem to have this function on my Asana? My Manager who has admin access is able to perform this task for others in my team, but when he tried to do it on mine it still didn’t give me this option!

I am on a windows opposed to a Mac - could this be an issue? Any help would be appreciated!


Can you try to do it inside a project you created yourself? To see if that relates to permissions.

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Ah! Yes I created a test project and did it and it worked! So does it have to be a project I’ve created to let me drag and drop to turn tasks into subtasks?


In the project you are talking about, are you able to create tasks? I am wondering if this is not a “comment only” project for you.


Yep I am able to make tasks. Is it because I’m trying to drag across tasks from my task list directly rather than within a project?


Hi @Stefanie_Meakin, if you are unable to drag-and-drop tasks in your My Tasks list it sounds like you may have a sort option set for your My Tasks (e.g. sorted by Due Date, Project, etc.).

In order to be able to drag-and-drop in your My Tasks you must have “None” selected in the sort menu. Can you confirm which sort option you have selected? Details on how to change your sort view can be found in our Guide here.


You my friend, have sussed it!!! Thank you :slight_smile: So is there no way to then sort by due date still? I like to see all my tasks in a list, but still be able to drag and drop. But not the end of the world!


Happy to help! It’s not possible to drag-and-drop in your My Tasks when a sort option like Due Date is selected I’m afraid. You can only drag-and-drop in your My Tasks when “None” has been selected. You’ll need to change the sort option here to do so, or alternatively you can drag-and-drop the tasks directly within the project instead.