Help - thought I'd set up organisation but it's a team on my personal account

Have just started using Asana and am loving it. However I seem to have made a mistake with the initial set up.
I initially had a play around with Asana to see if I thought it would be good for work, and so set up a personal account.
I quickly decided it would be useful so wanted to set something up for work but it now looks as if what I did was create a work team and invite my work email and my work partner to the team.

We are busy working away, setting tasks and getting excited about it but it is all happening on a space on my personal domain and I can’t now see how to set up an organisation (or a workspace) using our work domain.

Also, I would like to know, if we can create a new organisation (or workspace), whether we can transfer everything we have set up so far or whether we will need to start again from scratch.

I hope someone can unravel this for us as it’s holding us back.
(also sorry if Tips and Tricks isn’t the right place for this question. I couldn’t see a more relevant one)

Hello @Sarah_O_Donovan
You can actually move all your task to a new workspace with this 3rd party tool:

The way to create a new workspace is by going to the top Right and click on your profile and then go down to more. There should be an option to create a new workspace. you can then upgrade this workspace to an organization with you work email. If this does not work you can then just go to asana in ingognito and create a new asana account using your work email and then later merge these two asana acconts to have access to both workspaces will one login.


Hi @Paul_Grobler

Thanks for responding.

They both sound like good suggestions. I’ll have a play around and see where I get.
I’m relieved to see there may be a solution.

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