Help resolving rules conflict causes tasks to be assigned and immediately reassigned

Hey there, hoping to get some help with this head scratcher.

We have a support form that assigns tasks to various team members based on two single-select fields. Here is an example of the rules:

Rule 1. If Brand = A, or Brand = B: Assign to Sarah
Rule 2. If Brand = C, or Brand = D: Assign to Joe
Rule 3. If Brand = E: Assign to Julie
Rule 4. If Brand = F, or Request Type = X: Assign to Mark

Essentially, most tasks are assigned to team members depending on Brand. However, anytime “Request Type” is set to X it needs to be assigned to Mark regardless of which Brand is set.

Using the rules listed above, tasks which have Request Type set to X are immediately assigned to Mark. But then very quickly re-assigned to either Sarah, Joe, and Julie if Brand is set to A, B, C, D, or E even if Request Type is set to X.

Being a developer, the logic I need seems pretty straightforward but the conditions available in Asana Rules just don’t seem to be capable of it:

Rule 1. (If Brand = A, or Brand = B) and (Request Type != X): Assign to Sarah
Rule 2. (If Brand = C, or Brand = D) and (Request Type != X): Assign to Joe
Rule 3. (If Brand = E) and (Request Type != X): Assign to Julie
Rule 4. If Brand = F, or Request Type = X: Assign to Mark

I think the answer here is no, but is there a way to prioritize rules so I could ensure Rule 4 is always triggered last? This would ensure Mark is always assigned tasks with the Request Type of X (even if it’s assigned then re-assigned depending on the order Rules are triggered in).

So then the question is, are there any workarounds or tricks I can use to accomplish this logic? That is, without needing an individual rule for each possible combination of Brand/Request type… that would require 56 individual rules in my case.


At this time there is no way to do this by using “is not” or prioritizing your rules. The only way to set this up, presently, is by creating a rule for each brand type with the request type being equal to “x”, and then assigning it to Mark.

@Phil_Seeman, does Flowsana support “is not” rules?


Flowsana doesn’t currently have a “not equal to” option. (It is something we’re considering!)

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Yes I do understand there isn’t a “is not” option, just wondering if anyone out there has faced a similar issue and may have found a reasonable workaround.

After sleeping on it, I actually may have come up with a more reasonable solution to this (at least at the scale I’m working at). Setting up additional rules to reassign tasks with “Request Type = X” to Mark. For example:

Task is assigned = Julie, and Request Type = X: Assign to Mark
Task is assigned = Joe, and Request Type = X; Assign to Mark

This way any “Request Type X” task that is assigned to anyone but Mark is reassigned to Mark.


Just wanted to come back after a few days and confirm this solution is working consistently and as intended well for us!