Help me plan my day better! Suggestion for 'my tasks' view


It would be super helpful if the priority, predicted effort, and predicted time required were visible when looking at ‘my tasks.’ I try to start my day with Asana by seeing all the things expected of me that day, assessing whether it is seems feasible to tackle them all, and then blocking off time on my google calendar accordingly. To do this, it would be especially helpful to be able to easily see if the tasks for the day seem to add up to more than ~10 hours. Also, it would be amazing if that estimated time information (and the time at which i plan to work on the task) could be part of the sync with Google calendar.


Hi Heather - I completely understand your viewpoint and the topic of how to visualise todays and future workload has been something I have been trying to find a solution to for years. I think I have found it by combining Asana and Outplanr. Happy to conenct via skype etc to talk in more detail. Please take a look at Outplanr and see what you think. there are a couple of gaps that I think I have workarounds for. I am not affilliated with Outplanr - just it and Asana seem to meet my needs. Also trialling Sendana to get tasks into mys system in the first place.


Hey Heather, you can do that easily by multi-selecting all the tasks (ctrl + clicking each individually, or if they’re all together then select the top one and shift-click the bottom one) - once you do that, you’ll see in the custom fields area that there has been some small addition to the right of each numeric item.

So for estimated time, you can select the tasks for the day and it’ll add them all up for a quick view.

Also perhaps Hourstack would be a good solution for you?