Help!! Glitch - rule to populate subtasks, populates them out of order under different headers. Manually fixing is taking 8+ hours a week. Can you please help?

Glitch in the Rules

We built a workflow with the rule: When pages need to be updated, subtasks will automatically populate (due to a due date trigger).

The Problem:
51 subtasks must populate in the specified order.
They are not populating in order, or under the correct subtask headings.
This is creating 8+ hours of manual cleanup work for my team.

Can you please help let us know how to avoid or fix this bug?

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version:

The Rule:

How they should populate:

How they are populating (totally out of order)

Hi @Lily_Shehadi , welcome the the forum :wave:
Have you tried grouping all your aubtasks under a single action instead of 3 different ones?

i.e instead of 17+20+14, have one action with all 51 subtasks together.

Your issue is likely occuring because the 3 actions to create subtasks are running simultaneously and therefore get all jumbled together in the task


Welcome, @Lily_Shehadi,

I believe this is expected behavior (even if not ideal!), not a bug, so I’m changing the category.

In addition to @Richard_Sather’s simple solution below (if that works for you), see also my explanation below, which points to @Anthony_Tamalonis’s helpful post and video for a more flexible but complicated solution, in case you need the additional flexibility:


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