Help desabla an automation


I managed to set-up a project and enable automation that every time an email is sent to a specific email address it creates automatically a task in the Asana Project.

The problem is that all members of the group receive the following error message:

From: Asana
Reply to:
Date: Thursday, 20 August 2020 at 16:20
Subject: We couldn’t process your email.

Oops! It looks like you tried to create a task in Asana but ‘’ isn’t associated with an Asana account.

If you have an account:

  • Add the task by resending the email from an address linked to your account or by logging into Asana
  • Update your email address in [Account Settings], or check the verification status if it was recently added
  • Learn more about emailing tasks in the [Asana Guide]

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Help me to eliminate this error and to disable this automation.


Hi @Lucian1,

This is an expected behaviour. In order to create a task in Asana, the sender email must be a members of your Organisation. I’d recommend setting a rule in your email so that every time you receive an email from a specific sender, this email gets forwarded to Asana. This way, the email sent to Asana will come from your email address, which Asana will recognise, and your task will be created!

If you’re curious, you can also check out this other thread on the same topic: Automatic forwarding to ASANA from Google groups account for creating tasks. this topic is also covered in article from our guide.

Hope this helps!

Thank you for your reply.
In my case, I just want to disable this ruled I don’t find a way to cancel it.

Can you help me with some instructions?


This rule must be set your email inbox, so unfortunately I can’t help with that, but I’d recommend searching help centers from your email provider. Here are some resources for Gmail and Outlook for example.