Help: Completed Tasks, Marked as Incomplete



My team and I use Asana for ongoing tasks that repeat daily. We have the tasks and sub tasks set up with specific due dates and they are set to repeat daily. However, when the tasks are marked as complete, the next day or even sometimes the same day, they show up in the list as incomplete. Not sure where we went wrong for setup…any recos?


Hey. The topic category is not right. Edit your post’s category to get more traction. I think that the only one that is able to help you is Asana support. You can reach them at


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Regarding your question, @Melonie_Echevarria - what you’re seeing probably simply has to do with the functionality of recurring tasks. If you have a daily recurring task, you’ll see it appear in your My Tasks to help you prepare for the next day, and this will happen each and every day. What you’re seeing is most likely just the next day’s task.

Recurring tasks can be a bit confusing sometimes, so you may find it helpful to check out our Guide article on the subject:

If you’re still not feeling clear, feel free to share some screenshots and we’ll be happy to help.