Hello is it possible to get all users which has access (can see) to task.

Hello, I need to get all users which have access to asana task.
I have application which work with tasks from asana. Now if I need to update task for users I need to take all users and run /tasks, for each of them.
But it takes a lot of time.
Is there any way to get all tasks from workspace and get list of users which are able to see them?

Hi @Pav,

There’s no way to get such a list. But why do you need to do that? If you update a task, then all users who have access to that task will see that update.

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Sometimes I faced with the problem when user doesn’t receive updates from asana api.
I noticed that asana api documentation contains this note in webhook section

Note: Recently, some users have seen intermittent delays with webhook event distributions. We are in the process of transferring the webhooks system to a more reliable infrastructure while also iteratively improving the current system. As such, for the time being we advise against using webhooks for functionality beyond logging (e.g., syncing state with real-time notification data). If you experience issues, we recommend using webhooks in conjunction with fetching the resource periodically (e.g. GET a task). More details and ongoing updates can be found in this post in the developer forum.

So I decided to add worker which pulls latest created tasks from asana, but I now I need run this wokrer for each user, and it takes a lot of time. And I looking for a way how I can reduce amount of worker calls

Oh I see. Unfortunately as mentioned, there’s no one list of users who have access to a task. It’s actually a fairly complex situation - it depends on the membership settings of the team(s) and project(s) a task lives in, as well as the properties of the task itself (collaborators, assignee, etc.).

Thank you!