Hearting Subtasks visibly




just a quick question: I use Subtasks for brainstorming within a project, to keep projects as compact and lean as possible. Everyone submits their ideas via subtasks. Usually you would now vote on them by hearting ideas you like. To do this with subtasks, however, you have to first open the subtask, heart it and then navigate back to the main task. This is really cumbersome. But what is worse: We cannot quickly evaluate the popularity of each idea because we have to go into each tasks separately – doing that for 30+ ideas just takes too much time.

Any idea how to make this work? Or would you create a new project for every brainstorming session?


@Martin_Prechelmacher are users submitting ideas and voting simultaneously? If it is a two-part process you may wish to use Google Forms integration for the voting process. That way you can set it up more like a survey/poll.


Right now it’s mostly a hybrid form, where we submit ideas and get inspired by the ideas of others, hearting what we like. And then before our meeting to discuss und finetune the ideas everyone has a second round of hearting.

I like your input, however. I only ever thought of using Google Forms to submit ideas, not to vote. How exactly would you set it up? Or more precisely: How would you get the ideas from asana into a google Form?


I don’t see a way to get the ideas from Asana to Google Forms without manually copying and pasting them. But copying and pasting the ideas into Google Forms shouldn’t take that long for one person to make a quick survey.

You can then add a link to the survey in the project and collect the answers directly back into the project.

Utilizing sections to break up the steps may help too so you’re not dependent on subtasks.

Wish I had a better solution for you. I think polls is a popular feature request for Asana. If they ever create that, it would be perfect for your needs.


You Mean Sections in the main project, right? I was thinking that too… Though just showing the heart on subtasks would be such an easy fix for asana.

Anyway, thanks for your input! Really appreciate it :slight_smile: