Head of PM at Asana: Medium post on how we build our product roadmap


Jackie Bavaro, Head of PM at Asana, wrote a Medium post called, How we build our product roadmap at Asana. I think you’ll enjoy it!

Key quotes:

At Asana we wanted to get the best of both worlds: a clear strategy where everyone can connect the dots from their daily work to the company mission, and a collaborative process where the people closest to the work can influence our direction.

One of our most important processes is “Voice of the Customer”, or VoC. Each customer facing and business team works with all of the individual people to create their own top-10 list of product requests. For example, the customer support team considers the number of tickets and the sales teams consider the value of the deals lost. The owner of VoC then works with business leadership to combine those rankings and socialize back to the individual teams to get their buy-in. This creates a single top-10 list that the whole business org agrees on. At the beginning of 2017, app performance was at the top of our list, and we really rallied around making a big investment there.