Having an Asans Request Fully Show Up in Slack?

I am setting up a channel in Slack for us to discuss Marketing requests submitted via a form, however in Slack I am only seeming to be able to get just the title of the request to show up. Is there a way for me to get the full form request to show up in Slack rather than having to click the link to view the request in Asana?


I won’t be answering your answer because I don’t know the answer :grimacing: and because I’d rather challenge this decision: why don’t you collaborate in Asana?

See 😩 Stop trying to connect slack and Asana =)

Asana doesn’t provide a good space to have a public forum regarding a task. I would like our Sales Department, Marketing Department and Product Department to be able to see the full details of a task in Slack without have to click and view a page, so that way there can be a side discussion via a a Thread and then I can also have the ability to have a Poll where there can be an approval process from each department the approve a task to then move on to different phases of a creation stage (written content, designed content, etc). We all use Slack, however our Sales and product teams use their own tools for their tasks and thus for them to keep up with Asana would be too much effort for them rather than having everything there for them in Slack.

Hi @Dennis_Kelley,

That’s not possible at the moment I’m afraid; so moving your request to the #productfeedback section :slight_smile:

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Thanks Marie!

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