Having a sub-task due date mirroring the due date of the main task

I would love to somehow mirror the due date of an overall task with a subtask. For example, when we delivery a project to a client that we did for them, that project is a task that has the due date of when we present the project to the client. One of my jobs is to write notes of the meeting which is shown as a subtask. Since this subtask is due on the same day as the overall task, it would be great to have it automatically set as the due date shown in the task (by making a rule and customizing it this way). This would make my list-view a lot more clear. Obviously also it would be great for subtasks in the list view to show the overall project it is in but I guess you can’t have everything!. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @Kyla_Shaw, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback :slight_smile:

You can create this scenario by using Task Templates :slight_smile: Take a look at our Help Guide below for more details:

I hope this helps!

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