Have you checked our last last blog article? If not, hurry up, it includes a cool little surprise! 🎁

Hi folks :wave:t3:

This week was super busy for us at Asana! We launched a new List View, a new CSV importer, and Filters for Inbox. To celebrate these new exciting features our PMMs have just published a blog article showing you how these new features fit together and will help increase clarity for your team. You can check it out here :point_right: Introducing the new project List View: More clarity, less clutter - The Asana Blog

Last but not least, there is surprise hiding in the article, have you figured it out yet?


β€œSync with Google Analytics”?

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β€œsection totals of numeric custom fields”?


Well played @Phil_Seeman :raised_hands:t3:


Nice catch, @Phil_Seeman! I lose to the master. :wink:

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