Have Tags Display Options (e.g. Project names and Tags before Task name, hide Tags…)




Just reflecting on my usage of Asana and especially tags, I was thinking it would be much more convenient for me (faster and less tiring for the eye) to have my Project Tags and Task-Related Tags aligned left, before the Task name (or to be able to custom whether Tags appear or not or where they do appear).

The use case is very simple: Instead of having to scan the whole Task line with my eyes several times a day to check what Task is associated with what Project + what Tags, I could have a fast overview of the Project + Time allotted to the Task (through a time-Tag) right away. And I would not have “…” for Tags I don’t want to see (contextual tags for instance).

I guess this is a 1h feature integration. So if there is some time to test it, I’d be happy to give it a try in a beta.

Looking forward to trying it!



I would really find hiding tags useful


I would find it very useful to be able to display tags before the projects in which the task is. Or even before the task name.


Some options for how tags are displayed in list view would be really helpful. Tags add a lot of useful info to our projects, but I hesitate to use them more because of the way they clutter up the view I use the most to track our projects.

For example, in this screenshot, the tags are “Video”, “needs-SOW” and “visit”:


  1. There’s no option to hide tags from this view. A button to toggle them on/off would add fantastic flexibility.
  2. Likewise – as suggested above – there’s no option to change where in the column order the tags display. In some of our projects, it would be very useful to display them first (to the left of Project Name), or last (to the right of Assignee), or to hide them and save that as the default view for everyone.
  3. The tags are bumped out of a single column when the date display adds the year (“2019”), or that task has been liked.
  4. Despite available horizontal screen space, the characters displayed per tag are limited, so that “needs-SOW” is limited to 7 characters (eg. “needs-S…” is not intuitive or super useful; I’d rather have it not display at all than be truncated).