Have Tags Display Options (e.g. Project names and Tags before Task name, hide Tags…)




Just reflecting on my usage of Asana and especially tags, I was thinking it would be much more convenient for me (faster and less tiring for the eye) to have my Project Tags and Task-Related Tags aligned left, before the Task name (or to be able to custom whether Tags appear or not or where they do appear).

The use case is very simple: Instead of having to scan the whole Task line with my eyes several times a day to check what Task is associated with what Project + what Tags, I could have a fast overview of the Project + Time allotted to the Task (through a time-Tag) right away. And I would not have “…” for Tags I don’t want to see (contextual tags for instance).

I guess this is a 1h feature integration. So if there is some time to test it, I’d be happy to give it a try in a beta.

Looking forward to trying it!



I would really find hiding tags useful


I would find it very useful to be able to display tags before the projects in which the task is. Or even before the task name.