Have multiple views of My Tasks

Hi All,

For Asana, would anyone else find it useful to have multiple views within “My Tasks”. I would appreciate it if under each List and other sections, I could have sub tabs with different views so that I can configure/customize for different use cases.

If I want to see all my tasks sorted by due date, I could have a sub tab. If I wanted to see all completed tasks, there could be a sub tab.

We can create searches and save them, however then they are in the Saved Searches category. I think it would be useful to be able to develop multiple custom views and have them available to look at the same information in different ways both in My Tasks, and for different stakeholders in Projects (multiple dashboards).

If this is already available and I missed how to do this, appropriate guidance would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Hi @Ragu_Kantamaneni, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

You can sort your My Tasks by many factors and chose to see complete, incomplete or all tasks if you wish. This will help you achieve what you’re looking for :slight_smile:

Hi Rebecca, I only see None, Due Date, Likes, Alpha, and Project on my Sort menu. Is there a way to add the other options?

Hi @Rebecca_McGrath, Yes, those sort options are available, and we can then also choose the filters, however these are all extra clicks, and then there’s no reset button to clear the changes.

Consider the following case:

  1. The user likes the default view.
  2. The user wants to quickly see all Incomplete Tasks sorted by Due Date, this requires:
    a. Selecting the filter from “All Tasks” to “Incomplete Tasks”.
    b. Sorting by Due date.
  3. Now the user wants to go back to the default. They have to undo all the changes since all the filters and sorts are persistent.

If instead of this view:

Add an option to have saved views per appropriate section where settings like these could matter:

a.) As a drop down list:

b.) As sub tabs/bar:


@Tom_Wilkowske, the Sort Menu shows the options based on the fields you have in your view (i.e. to sort on other values, you’d need to add them in your view via the customize button).

The only options shown under Customize are Due Date, Projects, and Tags - no option to add fields.


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