Hardware to Use Asana with?

Does anyone have any sort of dedicated hardware device they use with Asana to make the experience more tactile and/or speed up their workflows? (I’m envisioning something similar to how a video editor might have a dedicated keyboard for editing shortcuts. Pictured below for reference.)

I’m just trying to think of any sort of solution that might make the Asana experience more tangible or immediate for the older members of my team who are reluctant to start using Asana heavily because they are so used to pen and paper.

There might not be something that exists like this, or any sort of way to jerry-rig something like it, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask the community. Thanks!

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Love this idea, I played around with Touchportal as a shortcut, But not any hardware.

Great question, @Joey_DeFabio!

I’ve done a lot of painstaking testing and recommend a steady rotation of hardware like this:

Larry :slight_smile:


@Joey_DeFabio I use a Razer Naga Trinity mouse with the 12-button side panel :star_struck:
The Razer Synapse utility program will let you program these buttons to do pretty much anything; a keyboard shortcut, a sequence even, such as typing certain text out. I assigned a bunch of shortcuts, and it’s taken me a bit to get used to – normally I add one shortcut at a time to give my brain enough time to develop some muscle memory, but now I’m at a point where it would be hard to go back.

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Hahaha love it! :smile:

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Woah this is a really fantastic idea!! Thank you for sharing!!

For me this is not so much about the hardware used, but rather about using Asana the right way. For example, they need to focus all their effort on the My Tasks view and keep it clean: it is a paper todo list on steroids!