HACK: Please add K-9 hack

Dear Asana,

Like so many, I’m a big fan of the Tab-B hack. I think we can all agree it’s due time for a K-9 hack.

If you need a dog model, my dog Norbert is very photogenic. Proof below.


This is my favorite post I’ve ever seen in the Community! :slight_smile:
Me and a few other Asanas have been pushing for this for quite a while. :dog: This is my pup, Dudley, our team mascot (and another great model along with Norbert).

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Great post, and I’m lobbying for K-9. How about this handsome boy? Guinness even plays the Cello.


With so many capable dog models, we’re making it easy for them!

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Very impressive, Guinness!

My new dog Ted (a rescue we got from Turkey one week ago) has pressed his paw to vote for this feature!


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Something new to consider: